What’s the best multichannel eCommerce platform for a modern business?

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What’s the best multichannel eCommerce platform for a modern business?

In the last few years, there is an increasing number of business owners who have realized that the multichannel approach is much more efficient than the single-channel approach. Of course, this is not true for all businesses, but if you have done research and you believe that this is the path that you should follow then you must spend some time analyzing platforms that can help you. Obviously, you’ll be looking for the best multichannel eCommerce platform out there. Here’s our list of platforms like this that can help you.


This is a platform with a very interesting name. It’s good to know that this is one of the first platforms of this type on the market. For six years, the guys from ChannelGrabber are providing multichannel eCommerce tools. There are a Classic version and a standard version of this platform. Both of them provide a chance to create automated listings with just one click, product content optimization, order management as well as inventory management, shipping, accounting, and many other things. Every year, the platform adds new features which make doing business online easier.


Expandly is an interesting multichannel eCommerce platform that comes from the UK. This is a solution which supports multichannel eCommerce activities and provides some standard features like order management, inventory management, listings, reporting, and analytics as well as shipping. Expandly supports all the best web store platforms, marketplaces, and couriers. The thing that may disappoint some potential users is the fact that Expandly doesn’t offer much integration.


Orderhive represents an efficient inventory and warehouse management system that helps business owners with other activities including order management, shipping and invoicing. One of the best things about Orderhive is the relatively low monthly cost. You can expect seamless integration with the standard sales channels.


Thanks to SellerDynamics, you can expect to get access to a few great features. For instance, it provides automated repricing for the most used marketplaces. It also has a reasonable price. Users are able to link as many marketplaces as they want. Keep in mind that this solution has limited listing capabilities.


We’ll end this list with a multichannel eCommerce platform that comes from the United States. Sellware is a platform focused on managing orders and inventory. All the popular sales channels and different integrations are supported by Sellware.

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